Workshop with Mario Fraschetti close to Prague

Body– Movement – Improvization – Voice

An Experiental workshop with Mario Fraschetti (iTaly)


5. – 7 th April 2013

Jílové u Prahy, Czech Republic

workshop teatrale 



When sailing, one can choose a lake or the open sea. In this workshop we choose to sail in the vast unlimited sea of the unconscious, following charted and known routes. However, we do so while maintaining a willingness and openness to respond to the beckoning of an unexpected wind.


About workshop:

 This workshop is an opportunity for creative exploration  of our shared and personal unconscious.

Through the body, which holds our collective as well as our personal memory, we can activate a link to the unconscious and discover many gifts .

Through natural movement, improvisation, breathing, rhythmic reading, vocalization, singing and writing, we will give shape to our own personal interpretation  of  ourselves of our dreams

This workshop offers us the opportunity to understand our common roots, to experience a heightened awareness of our true selves and to increase our sensitivity in communication with others.

About Mario:

 thatre trainer - Grundtvig workshop - artistic director

Mario Fraschetti is the Artistic Director of the avant-garde Centre for the Performing Arts, Teatro Studio, founded by him in 1986, in Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. Mario is also Master of Aikido, an adept in Greek mythology, a writer and a performer. He directs plays in Italy, Germany, France, Egypt and the USA. He has also collaborated internationally with a great variety of painters, voice coaches, dancers, Qigong and Feldenkrais instructors in presenting and facilitating diverse workshops. He sees theatre as a vehicle for political and social awareness in the tradition of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.  In his home province of Grosseto, Mario has worked as an actor and performer in traditional and experimental  theatre, mime, street theatre and children’s theatre. (

He conducts many workshops throughout the world. He sees his workshops as a means of expression, psychological growth and learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Time schedule of workshop:

Friday 18.00 – 21:00

Saturday 10.00 – 13.00 a 15.00 – 18.30

Sunday 10.00 – 13.00 a 14.30 – 17.00




Karolina Kalinová


 mobile phone: +420 721 408 445

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